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Copyrights – the most unidentified object in Intellectual property protection. From the one side, copyrights protected since the inception, from the other side proofs copyrights of any person based, generally on open claiming it and often can't be proofed by any objective evidences. In Russian Federation author of copyright can be only individual. As well Russian Federation recognize such rights of foreign companies if copyright object wasn't made by Russian citizen or on Russian territory.

Services for copyrights protection

Our team have wide experience in protection of copyrights. Main services in regard with copyrights, are following:

  • Deposition of documents by notary public;
  • Deposition of art in Russian authors society;
  • Registration of computer programs, databases and topologies of integrated circuits in ROSPATENT;
  • Preparing and maintenance of agreements on disposal of property copyrights, as well as related to the creation of artworks or industrial property;
  • Litigation and dispute resolution in regard with copyrights;
  • Consulting and legal conclusions.

Copyright law applies to:

  • geographical, geological and other maps, plans, sketches and three-dimensional works;
  • literary works;
  • musical works, with or without text;
  • computer programs and databases;
  • works of architecture, urban planning and landscape art;
  • works of decorative art and stage design;
  • paintings, sculptures, graphics, design, graphic novels, comic books and other works of fine art;
  • scenario works of art;
  • films and other audiovisual works;
  • photographic works and works produced by processes analogous to photography;
  • choreographic works and pantomimes.

In addition to copyrights, there are so-called related rights - the right which regulates relations in the sphere of protection of objects such as phonograms, performances or transfer cable and terrestrial broadcasting.

Copyright under the Civil code, in principle, does not require registration, but you need to register in order to show that at the time of registration of the product existed in a certain form. This fact may be necessary when conflict of interest for the protection of copyright.

Basic differences between patent rights and copyrights?

The main difference is in protection by law, which became immediately after creation of copyright object, and there are no special formalities.

Any copyright object, irrespective of its value, purpose or advantages, is protected by copyright law. But it is necessary to point, that copyright protect form of art, but not a content. Under form we mean the way of expression of mind - the structure of the language, a method of combination thereof.

As well copyrights often close relates to other IP objects. In such cases, especially if it relates to any commercialization, it is very important to qualify objects correctly.