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Our offers

Lomsky and Partners' team has extensive experience and knowledge in handling design applications.

Registered designs can be a powerful tool for protection against unauthorised copying and become a valuable IP asset in a company’s portfolio. We recognise the importance of registered designs and work closely with our clients to evaluate the key features of their designs and optimise the scope of a design protection.

Over the years Lomsky and Partners has assisted a large number of companies to obtain registered design protection in Russia. Our team handles design applications ranging from auto, engineering, furniture design, homewares, packaging industries and others.

The comprehensive range of registered design services the firm offers includes:

  • filing registered design applications
  • all aspects of prosecution of designs applications
  • conducting design searches
  • advice in relation to infringement
  • renewal of design registration
  • recording registrable transactions

In Russia, design protection is quite effective, especially now, after 2014 amendments to Civil Code, which makes design protection more like to trademark protection, excluded claims from Design Patents, and made protection for design “as it is”, not only for features, cited in claims. Designs are protected for 15 years after priority date and renewal is yearly, with no possibilities to pay for period or several years in advance.

If you have more questions, please use info@lomsky.com.