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Eurasian Patent prosecution

Eurasian Invention Patent — technical decision at any field of science, related to any good (device, chemical, microorganisms, plant cell cultures or animals) or method thereof which protected in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan. Such patent protection can be obtained as firstly filed application, as entry into national phase of PCT.

Patent prosecution and related services.

General terms and conditions of prosecution under Euraisn Invention Patent application are close to prosecution of Patent application in Russian Patent office. Of course, there are some differences, for example it is possible to delay and speed-up process, while in Russian Patent office only delay is possible by applicant's claim. Expenses for prosecution in Eurasion Patent Organization are more, then any national stage prosecution, but will be less, then prosecution on even 2 national phases. After decision to grant it is possible to keep patent in countries of interest, not in all countries of EAPO, which will be result of reduction of fees. Duration of patent protection – 20 years since priority date. Annuities have to be paid each year for next year of protection and it's impossible to pay for several years in advance.

There are a lot of features in regard with patent Prosecution of Eurasian Patent which can't be described in few words, so please contact us for any further comments via info@lomsky.com