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IP rights is a law field, which is quite independent from other fields of civil law and requires specialized lawyers in this field.

Usual situation for IP lawyer, when situation have no direct regulation by law. Analyzing of situation and qualified advise can be more important then all further development under the case. Courts, especially in regions are usual not qualified in IP matters and well prepared lawsuit oftenly can be a base for the court decision. As well, special Court for Intellectual Property Rights founded in 2013, required more professional knowledge, as well-experienced judges will not keep any mistake in IP field without attention. Chamber of patent disputes of ROSPATENT is pre-court entity, which have close procedure developments, regulated by rules of Chamber of patent disputes. Development under the cases in Chamber of patent disputes, mainly mix skills of Patent/Trademark attorney and IP lawyer. Our IP lawyers often work with unfair competition matters connected with trademarks and similar objects. Such cases proceeds by Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russian Federation.

Our lawyers and patent attorneys have great experience in litigation in Courts, Chamber of Patent disputes and Federal Antimonopoly Service.

Main services related to litigation process:

  • Analyzes and conclusions about situation;
  • Preparing and filing of lawsuits;
  • Negotiations;
  • Representation on hearings;
  • Executory process.

Litigation in Russia. Few tips.

All evidences, provided to court not in Russian language have to be translated into it with notarizing of translation by local (Russian) notary. All charges paid to lawyers and for preparing evidences can be charged from the losing party if such charges will comply with the requirements of reasonableness and fairness.

Lawsuit have to be filed in place of registration of defendant, with some exceptions.