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Trademark registration in Russia

Trade mark attorneys of “Lomsky and partners” law firm would guide you through the process of developing a brand protection strategy. They can prepare and prosecute suitable and relevant trade mark applications to ensure maximum protection for your brand.

Our trademark attorneys are well experienced in all matters related to trademark protection in Russia. This is coupled with the expertise of specialist IP lawyers who advise on trade practices issues, trade mark litigation and other matters arising out of a trade mark portfolio. Our practice for overcoming of provisional refusals to International Registrations filed via Madrid System is one of the best in Russia.

Document confirming the right on the trademark and its free using by the owner is a Trademark Certificate. Russian trademark system includes examination of trademark application for absolute grounds of refusal and on likelhood of confusion matters. Usual duration of examination is 10-14 months. Examination chack list of goods and services for acceptance to rules, conduct search for previously registered or filed similar marks together with checking applicability of the mark to absolute grounds for rejection. After successful end of examination, it is necessary just to pay final fee and to receive Certificate. Trademark will be protected for 10 years after filing date with no limited renewals in the last year of protection.

There is no opposition period for applications in Russia, but oppositions can be filed against registered trademarks for numerous reasons – in case if mark similar to prior trademark; in case if registered trademark can mislead consumers about goods, services or manufacturer of goods, service organization; in case of trademark became generic name; etc. As also trademark can be canceled due to non-use for three years after registration and in case if trademark was registered as unfair competition action. Of course it is possible to file observations against trademark application during examination, but only as information, without any possibility to effect after filing.

We offer flat fees for main actions in regard with trademarks, even response to outstanding office action or appellation to Chamber of Patent Disputes would be counted as flat fee and would be discussed with applicant in advance.