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Our offers including entering PCT in Russia

We are very glad about innovation process and we are sure that it can realize a great commercial value for your intellectual property assets.

Protection of the new technologies is always connected with hard investigation procedures and usual involves serious costs to the protection process. Otherwise, values on registered IP can be numerously transcend this cost in feature.

We are glad to investigate clients' business to get deeper understanding of IP needs and how we can help to protect the most important technical solutions.

In Russia it is possible to protect technical solutions with two levels of protection – Invention Patent and Utility Model Patent.

Mostly we recommend to try to obtain Invention protection, as scope of protected features is wider, then for Utility model. But in many cases, patent for Utility model will be good decision, if invention step is not enough for Invention, or if applicant wishes to protect rights cheaper and faster – Utility Model will be a good value.

As well, it is possible to protect Invention in Russia with Eurasian Patent.

If you have any questions or you need any data on patent protection in Russia, please send us your questions to info@lomsky.com